36 thoughts on “NBA Today | Woj: Bradley Beal goes to Wizards management and asked for a trade preferably to Lakers

  1. AD and Russ to the Wiz for Beal, Rui, Ish and a future protected pick. Russ was a great influence on Gafford(who I miss as a Bulls fan). Russ was happier in DC vs his hometown team as far as professional career goes. AD with Gafford on the front line along with V Carey and a fully rehabbed Bryant for toughness would help also not to mention Kuz developing.

  2. I lost respect for all these players…no more players who want to earn it. Just put every player in the league on the Lakers. Change their name to Showtime, and break them up in teams and they play in L.A. every season, home games will be away games. That way we won't have to keep hearing WOJ keep reporting on players joining them every 5 mins. This team has the most tampering issues I've ever seen. And WOJ is the agent, the deal maker smh. F the Lakers

  3. The truth is MOST of these players aren’t worth it!! NBA fans will show up regardless of how terrible the team is and how little to spent on the team…if not to see the other teams overpaid players! Like if the Warriors are in town. Case in point, OKC.

  4. Lies he signed a 5 yr 248 smh this man don't know what he talking about sometimes just like he said kyrie going to the lakers which he won't kyrie staying in Brooklyn

  5. Please stop getting the opinion of this Woj clown. He said its a consensus jabari no. 1 chet no2 Banchero no. 3

    My huge bet on Jabari lost because of this clown. A lot of people did because of him. NBA insider my ass, nobody believe this pretentious ass.

  6. What crack pipe are people smoking that the Lakers have anything to trade? Westbrick isn't worth a washing machine

  7. Beal in Detroit or Portland would be fun to see. Also if KD goes to Washington to team up with Beal that'd be cool

  8. Why is every off season just the entire nba in lakers uniforms shit is so trash i cant wait till bron retires so we can stop talking about the lakers 24/7

  9. Did he say wait for Dinwiddie ? 🙄 This is how you know they don't do their homework before these or how they don't care how about other teams if they're not the Warriors or Lakers

  10. Neither this is all a smoke screen for his true intentions. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both want to join the sixers. This was their intentions all along. They will joing the sixers and form the most powerful starting 4 in the nba. Keep in mind Kyrie said one of the teams he wants to play for is the sixers. Kyrie will join the sixers then KD will follow. History repeats it's self all over again with Doc rivers first with boston now the sixers.

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