41 thoughts on “🇯🇵 JPN vs. 🇳🇱 NED – Highlights Week 1 | Men's VNL 2022

  1. เบอร26เริ่ดมากกกเจแปนนดีมาก

  2. サッカーも陸上もバレーもハーフが最強選手が最強の世代だわ

  3. My idol Captain YUKI ISHIKAWA🎖️People told that he will never become the good OUTSIDE HITTER Because his little 😔short height is 6ft 5in however Now he become successful to be the best outside hitter.🏆🥇🏅😊

  4. Love your videos but please fix how loud the set transitions are…it feels like it's twice as loud as the rest of the video

  5. 2セット目、村山選手も凄いけど、強気なサーブを六本ぶちこんだ髙橋藍選手もえぐい

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