1. Ugh… I regripped clubs yesterday going with Midsize grips because the Regular grips were too small and I was having to crush the club to hang
    on to it. Fricking bear paws…! Now I get to figure out where they're going to go when I hit them… so… I am feeling your pain myself though I am certainly not going pro… lol. Keep on hitting it man… you're going to figure it out!

  2. mad respect, you going out there and showing everything you got going on. I do wonder about something, though — i noticed when you were practicing, if i understand it right, when you're trying to make 30 putts in a row, you're replicating the pressure you might find on the course. But when you have headphones on, with what i assume must be some music you like, that's not really replicating anything you'll find on the course. I know i see plenty of pros practicing with headphones on, but i don't think they're really working on anything hard when they do that (i've always assumed they're just dialing in a swing that's already nearly as good as they can make it). Perhaps you should turn the music off so it's just you, your thoughts, and the course, which is how it would be when you are actually playing on the course.

  3. I think if you are going to change your swing, going to see the guys at Athletic Motion Golf and getting some 3D analysis would be helpful. Love this series and cheering for you Matt!

  4. Love this series, id like to try to qualify for the champions tour but I have 7.5 years to do it, love seeing you have some of the same misses that I have, your obviously a much better golfer than me, you give me hope tho, thanks!!

  5. I’m going though same thing as you are, my routine is , hour putting, hour chipping, hour short game 60-20 yards , and 30 minutes hitting, good luck, great videos , side note I do have someone practicing with me, keep me focus , + we play games while doing sessions , I don’t like getting beat , we play close to hole , keep up the hard work 😀

  6. Matt, keep grinding! You’re going to achieve your goals, cuz you’re a winner, and that’s what winners do! I’ve learned so much watching your video, so, thanks for all you do!

  7. Keep your head up bud, you got this! Always tough to make changes in any sport. I did that multiple times when playing college hockey. It's basically like relearning the fundamentals, and it's definitely frustrating. Just keep pushing through, and have fun with the process 👊

  8. I'm going through this exact same thing with my swing. I've been watching a lot of your vids and your tips are working. My issue is I'm taking my eye off the ball now. I'm looking at the inside of the ball to hit my draw but during my swing my eyes roll off the ball. I've also lost some distance in my pitching wedge and wedges but am picking the ball more cleanly and not digging with my wedges or irons as much. Hopefully we can get through this

  9. Matt. First, you have one of the best swings I’ve ever seen, ever. So now you need to channel the chillest golfer you’ve ever known. Couples, Els, whoever, you decide.
    Then forget all the mechanics because you are so distracted that your swing is, as you say, out the window. What are you doing?
    It’s target, target, target. Set up for target, program your right brain, and swing like you know how to swing. Stop with all the ridiculous practice and chill out, get into the zone and just do it.

  10. I got to a point where I finally got rid of the awful slice and after 2 months of playing great developed a snap hook, and Oh my God its the worst miss shot ever. Its seriously has made me think I have forgotten how to play golf

  11. Like you say you're going to become worse before you get better. It's frustrating as hell and most people jump ship and go back to what's comfortable for them, See it out and try and grind it out to see if you get any results before you go back to a coach for another lesson. You'll get there. The only tip I can really give you is when making swing changes start with slow swings and then start to increase the speed when getting used to it. I think it's a super tough slog to try and learn something at full speed.

  12. Fair dues Matt we all know how it feels changing stuff.. don’t forget the target when doing so though. Don’t be a technical ball basher or no technique will be consistent.
    Look forward to watching your progress dude

  13. Matt don’t be too hard on yourself while you’re practicing…. And stay positive when it comes time for you to play in the events you will learn to be comfortable with your game because you are a good player

  14. Relax! Your brain is doing the work in the background and is searching the middle.
    No additional changes or adjustments in this phase. 3-7 sleep circles and a lot of consciously watching the ballflight to get feedback.

  15. Keep your chin up….. practise makes perfect. ??? Or does it…… off to watch sandy lyle try to qualify for the British open. Playing at St Anne's Old links in Lancashire england

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