29 thoughts on “Chelsea 2-1 Watford | Barkleys Scores Last Minute Winner On An Emotional Final Day! | Highlights

  1. Yet another assist from Reece..
    Ross returns to save the day..
    Chillwell is finally back..
    Well done Kenedy..
    Fair play to Rùdi..

  2. Chelsea, Não Vá Atrás Do Tal De Neybar Não, Ele Não Presta Para Nada. Vai Dar Prejuízo Pra Vocês. Compre Duas Batata Mas Não Contrate O Neybar ! 🔴⚪⚫ 🇧🇷

  3. a message to tuchel..sir play Barkley some more he is a great kid and he can play..don't have on the bench when you need help in the team.. give him a chance too please sir.. when he was in Everton shirt he was superb ok play him more please sir

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