35 thoughts on “Tennis Grass Court Drama 2021 | Part 04 | I Didn't Damage The Grass

  1. So much conflict comes from the timing of out calls affecting shots. It's clear that nobody, either ref or player, can accurately recall whether the call came after the shot or not. It's absurd to me that a ref is supposed to make a judgement call based on what they thought happened even though there is no way to accurately recall something as fast as that unless you were focusing entirely on it, which a ref can't do. They have cameras recording all of these games, they should just watch the recording to check any close calls and get rid of any conflict. It might take time to pull up the recording, but so much is time is wasted already by arguing that it'd be worth it. Not to mention it'd just be much fairer.

  2. There's always almost one guy in the comment section of every single one of this channel WTA-based videos saying how confrontational women are, but every time there's a mixed WTA-ATP compilation it shows that this behaviour is more prevalent in the men's game. Not only there are way more childishly stupid well-known spoiled brats in the ATP, the disputes take much more to settle down and usually the bickering and talking with the umpire lasts throughout the whole match.

  3. Zverev is right if it start raining they must close the roof 20 minutes before the game started. Not until grass is wash then they start closing the roof 🙏

  4. The longer I watch these videos, the more I hate Opelka. Everything bothers him. He acts like the tiniest of details has a huge negative impact on his performance. I simply cannot stand his diva personality.

  5. Reilly has become the biggest little crybaby snowflake ever.
    Easily in the top 3 for biggest whiny spoiled brat babies on the tour now.

  6. Appearance leaderboard (2+)

    Paire 24

    Putintseva 16

    Ostapenko, Kyrgios 12

    Fognini 10

    Moutet 8

    Sakkari 7

    Cornet, Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Sandgren 6

    Medvedev, Collins, Van Uytvank, Evans, Shapovalov, Siniakova, Zverev, Tauson, Khachanov 5

    Dzumhur, Zhang, Shapovalov, Giorgi, Tomljanovic, Karatsev, Opelka 4

    Tig, Wozniacki, Mladenovic, Olivo, Sock, Bublik, Yastremska, Rublev, Ruud, Gulbis, Simon 3

    Giorgi's dad, Pouille, Gautier, Kokkinakis, Azarenka, Hurkacz, Juvan, Verdasco, McNally, Siegemund, Pliskova, Stephens, Golubic, Haddad Maia, Thompson, Dimitrov, Rune, Schwartzman, Ivashka, Auger-Aliassime, Roca Batalla, Martinez, Garín 2

  7. i was watching it like, "Garin and Zverev played two times already in Wimbledon? Today there were only first round matches, and then I saw Barty playing and I was like "Wtf?". And then I realised it's from last year's Wimbledon

  8. Two great videos today, this is my favorite channel ever, i wait every month for one of two of this videos, is like a drug.

  9. Okay is anyone going to comment on how generally rude Opelka has been in these videos? Every time he appears in this he’s insulting umpires and the way tournaments are ran, and in this one he’s complaining about a small thing and is telling the umpire to do something just because he wants something his way. Maybe he’s just like that but he seems to be very rude to others.

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