44 thoughts on “Grealish jokes about night out with Keane and Neville after Premier League title win

  1. He may really be the only footballer with a personality left. You listen to his interviews and he’s so genuine and unscripted, he’s just fantastic. Love Jack.

  2. Man how refreshing to have a normal fireside style chat with a player .. honest , fun and totally relaxed banter as if in a pub with your mates .. love it

  3. Jack Grealish has no right to be winning the premier league as a player, and he knows it lmao. Keep warming the bench brother 😂😂

  4. I know Micah loves City and all but him kissing Jack's medal seemed a bit unprofessional to me, more so when it was being telecast live. Maybe it's just me being old-dchool but I feel like you should have earned the right to wear that medal to put it round your neck, to kiss it and thus relish it.
    Anyways doesn't matter, it was a moment of joy for him too so all's well.

  5. Still raging himself and Declan realised where they were actually born 🙄😂….them two .. that was us set for the next 15years 😭🇮🇪…. seems like a good kid all the same

  6. Hated this guy since he ditched Ireland for England but this interview was class and he seems like a really nice guy and wish him all the best (except when he plays for England 😉)

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