44 thoughts on “Tennis Clay Court Drama 2022 | Part 04 | Next Time I'll Throw My Racket at You

  1. The interesting thing about Nick Kyrgios is he makes a very good point about his issue, but at the same time he can be a real knob about it.

  2. People: pay VIP prices to sit in the front row
    Nick: “I don’t want to be staring at people I’ve never even f*cking seen in my life!”
    People: 👁👄👁

  3. Im so fed up with Gulbis. Such an unclassy guy and sore loser. He should quit tennis, he doesn't bring any value to the sport at all. Kyrgios is at least funny from time to time in comparison.

  4. Nick Kyrgios seems like the kind of guy who rocks himself to sleep at night listening to playbacks of all the umpire disputes he's ever had.

  5. The funny thing is that Haase beat Gulbis in that match and got into the main draw, and then gulbis got in as a lucky looser and got destroyed by Haase again

  6. Do everybody put the video in x0.25 to verify every call from the referee for hindrances or late call ? To end up being scandalized by the claim of one of the other(to be fair to the referees, the player’s request to replay are 99% of the time unfounded)

  7. tsitsipas really is becoming one of the biggest cheats of the game. the Rocca batalla game I think the ump had money on the opponent to win the match. Gulbis and Kyrgios are disrespectful as always. I blame novax for this. djokovic made it "acceptable" for players to act like this and it just isn't.

  8. Kyrgios hates clay so much that apparently he doesn't know he can stop at any time and ask the umpire to check a mark. Same bloody mechanism as the hawkeye.

  9. Roca Batalla for sure right here, umpire made a unreal big mistake, imagine if your umpire make a mistake like that, Prihodko have to do a good sportsmanship thing and be a good guy and give him atleast replay, but he didnt

  10. I actually agree with Kyrgios here, because players do not need the line and the chair umpires to only make really obvious "out" calls, because players could just do that themselves, but if there is a chair umpire and he can't make the correct 50/50 call in the pressure situations then what even is the point of him being there, realistically?

  11. I think the umpires actually enjoy having Kyrgios. The challenge is to do whatever you can to get him defaulted. I bet they have a laugh about him. "I got him to penalty point"…." Is that all? I got him to game penalty"……HIGH FIVE! LOL.

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