24 thoughts on “See Why Japan is the Most Disciplined Team in Volleyball History !!!

  1. Japan team is well loved by Filipino Vfans not only because of their skills but more of how they play with humble and kindness.
    I could tell that Japanese athletes are well disciplined by looking at the way they play , by the way.. Yuzuru Hanyu is my fave athlete of Japan.

  2. It blows my mind, that Japan with not the best strongest and tallest players has put together such an amazing team, can anybody explain to me what they have done? Because in woman’s volleyball I’m not surprised they always have a history and strong performance , but the men side is never been one of the best teams in the world however, today the men team is incredible .

    What’s their secret ?
    Everybody say that the main issue is that the don’t have a strong bank of players to replace the regulars players , when they need it and sometimes the regulars players burns out at the end of the competition , but even is this is true, Japan has put together an amazing team in no time. Look not further their current place in the VNL 2022 they only has lose one game .. it’s astonishing to me .

    Can everybody explain what’s their secret ? It’s not a secret to anybody that putting together a strong powerful volleyball team requires a lot of skills , and also players that are very tall and strong something that’s not in their favor.. The bottom line is that whatever they are doing is working and working perfectly amazing . Good job 👍 Bravo JAPAN.

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