47 thoughts on “Carlos Alcaraz vs Jan-Lennard Struff .. Full Match Highlights .. Wimbledon 2022

  1. So amazing to hear tht booming serves from both players…they are very good and it's quite unpleasant to see one of them have to go out as early as 1st round…but thts sports

  2. Really looks like Alcaraz was moving well during this match, especially near the end. If the early rounds allow Carlos to rise his grass game to a high level, we could be in for a special quarterfinals between Alcaraz and Djokovic.

  3. There were some balls that every single person knew it'd be impossible to win a point even if you reached it, but Carlos still tried. That was not a smart play, it was unnecessary and a possible threat to injuries. He's still a kid and full of energy, we know, but he needs to learn somehow to quit a point like that. It's not such thing that when you try beyond your best every single ball then you will win the point.

  4. What a slug fest. Video quality was terrible btw… commentator only says ‘ohhhhhhhhhhh!’ And it sounds like it is in the middle of a wind tunnel combined with radio interference

  5. The commentator has mastered “oohhh”. Just as well, I don’t recognize what language he’s using when he’s using words. It looks like Wimbledon highlights through TNNS Live arenot available in the U.S.

  6. Just give each player 100 bals, having serve, and whoever hits more aces, wins. That its what tenis is becoming. BORING BORING BORING. Atp stupid if you want to increase viewers, coaching its not the answer. Players are way taller, raquets do HALF OF THE WORK , acing has become SO EASY. Go back to something similar to wood raquets, this is RIDICULOUS AND SO BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING. ZZZZZZZZZZ

  7. I'm going to come right out and say it: Alcaraz got lucky today. Struff was playing strong tennis and I see some weaknesses in Alcaraz's game. He tends to go for that drop shot a lot and the players are starting to pick it up. It's good that he won but he will not win Wimbledon with this level of play. Struff proved that Alcaraz can be overpowered with consistent power off the ground.

  8. considering no grass tune- up, this victory is nothing short of amazing as Struff is not a walk in the park. At 19, As mentally as tough as Joker and Nadal

  9. Who said Alcaraz is only good on hardcourt? This teenager is good on all surfaces. Alcaraz is going to be a very successful player.
    I checked the Wimbledon website and Medvedev and other Russian players are not in the draws. I think it is a mistake to punish individual players.

  10. Decent English honestly his listening and understanding is superb and then very mature answers from a guy so young.
    That strokeplay and lobs overhead are ahead of his time and this signifies this guy is destined for bigger things for sure.Much more mature than any other player at his age was in my knowledge and I would be surprised if this guy can't overtake all in slams list one day.That strokeplay is beyond ordinary.He will go a long way without doubt……..

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