28 thoughts on “Andy Murray vs James Duckworth | First Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2022

  1. Very short highlights. Should have been at least 10 minutes to know how players have played at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of each set.

  2. The highlights are missing the important points in games. Seems to jump forward or it just shows the score. But we don't see how the consequential games are won. Looks great as Wimbledon always is.

  3. Where is matchpoint? It’s also interesting to watch player’s emotions after winning, hand shakes and etc. Who ends a highlight at a random point?!??

  4. Who's the "Genius" in charge of this Channel's editing and upload dept? they need to be fired. Hire me…Your Likes, Shares, Comments and Subscriptions will Quadruple or better…guaranteed.

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