32 thoughts on “Top NBA Free Agents AFTER The NBA Draft | Latest Mavericks Free Agency Rumors Ft. Jalen Brunson

  1. Do we have enough cap space for following?

    1- S&T Brunson for Alec Burks, Cam Reddish or Mitchell Robinson (+1 future first round pick would be amazing)

    2- Bring Goran Dragic with vet min.

    3- Trade for Kyrie if he opts in to the last year of his contract (Tim Hardaway Jr+Davis Bertans+1 future first round pick)

    4- Bring another wing or center based on what you get for Brunson

  2. Man we've done given so much money in the past for players who aren't even half as good as JB and he's a class act to let this young man get paid he's our second best player who cares give him what he wants just make sure it's a 5 year contract

  3. mavs should seek for sign & trade to the Knicks and get Julius Randle so the mavs still on the winning side in the west

    the mavs has no capspace to get Randle for a s&t that's why they should dump THJ or Bertans contract first

  4. From recent reports is that if the Mavs lose Brunson, that they wouldn’t replace him with a guard. They rather add a defensive wing. So what wings are out there that will be cheap?

  5. Leon Rose is trying to help his God Son get paid this summer. And he’s trying to help his Son, Sam, who’s Jalen’s Agent, help his client get his bag this summer. From either the Mavs or the Knicks. So the Brunson family and the Rose family are in a win win situation. Well, Brunson won’t be on a title contending team if he chooses NY, but he’ll be allowed to be more of a PG and play close to home (NJ)

  6. There’s always players getting overpaid by teams in free agency. Knowing that they have to overpay to steal them away. Mavs did that with Matthews and Parsons. Knicks are about to do the same mistake the Mavs made. They’re building a 6th seed at best by signing Brunson to top money.

  7. Bridges is the type of player and athlete that would be great playing next to Luka. Mitchell Robinson also the type of Center that Luka needs, but he gets injured a lot every year.

  8. I would keep my eyes on a Brunson sign and trade with the sixers. They are looking at trading Tobias Harris and Brunson loves the city of Philadelphia and they need a guy like Brunson on their team

  9. Mavs best option is to sign and trade Brunson just to get pieces back it’s not worth letting him walk for free. If the Mavs are smart and he wants to go to the knicks offer him more money just to screw the knicks and then try and get a 1st and some role players and expiring contracts or ship him to another team because let’s be honest Brunson isn’t a hard piece to replace and he can’t get anymore valuable then he is right now.

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